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Our Clients

Instra Corporation is one of the world’s specialist online service providers, offering a range of domain name products and localized address solutions. As such, Instra offers its clients sophisticated tools to enable them to better manage their domain name portfolio.


Corporate and Government Clients


Amongst its customer base, Instra supports leading global brand name businesses and government bodies. The online management of domain names is the key business activity of Instra and we protect some of the world’s largest brands. Our comprehensive range of domain name products allows us to offer a global protection suite for large corporate clients. Our customers come from a broad array of industries including technology, financial institutions, mining, industrial and energy companies. Government and Regulatory bodies from around the world also use Instra to register their domain names.


Domain Registrars


Our reseller team provides wholesale registration services to Domain Registrar’s, ISP’S, Hosting companies and web designers from around the world. Instra enables Domain Registrars the capacity to supply country specific domain names to their customers, without having to go thru the accreditation process and resultant complex procedures that often accompanies accreditation.