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Our Technology

Instra Corporation’s Global DNS system was designed to be robust, fast, reliable, and is able to continue to operate with little performance loss when large network outage has occurred. This is because our DNS system is deployed globally, with server hosted in three continents worldwide. Our DNS system is scalable, and further expansion of this system is planned in the near future.

Our Global DNS system is hosted in world class data centers, and each data centre provides us with multiple upstream providers, which minimizes the possibility of any single network outage brining our DNS nodes offline. In the unlikely event of a regional network outage which affects access to one of our DNS nodes, DNS requests are diverted to our one of our other nodes, ensuring that the end user is not affected by this outage.

Our DNS system is powered by a database engine, which allows real time updating of domain name zones. Every change that is made to a domain name zone is instantaneously updated across each DNS worldwide to ensure that the zone data across all DNS is up to date at all times. This data is sent via secure channel to ensure the integrity of the DNS data remains intact.

Along with our advanced DNS system, our core websites and APIs are also located in multiple locations worldwide. This ensures that our web sites and API engines are also fast, robust, reliable and available to use.

We only host our servers and networking equipment in state of the art data centers. To minimize the affect of any outages, each node we deploy equipment with must have the following minimum requirements:

  • Multiple Tier 1 upstream providers.
  • UPS and Generators in event of power outages
  • N+1 Air Conditioning System
  • Latest Fire Suppression.
  • 24/7 Security.
  • 24/7 Monitoring.
  • N+1 Network Equipment

We have deployed our systems using the latest GeoIP technology. GeoIP technology allows our systems to determine your location anywhere in the world, and direct your computer to our closest server. In the rare event that the closest server is offline, you will automatically be re-directed to another server to ensure high availability of our products and service. With this technology in place, we can offer SLAs to our clients.

Our global network runs entirely on CISCO equipment. CISCO has proven to be the world leader in fast and reliable network infrastructure. All of our nodes are interconnected via our secure VPN tunnel to ensure that no sensitive data is exposed at any time.