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Instra manages and protects the domain names of some of the most well-known brands in the world. Instra works in partnership with the brand owner to make sure that it has the right mix of domains and associated products to match its online business strategy now and in the future.

Instra provides the following online services to corporate customers:

Domain name portfolio management

If a company loses its core web-address through attack or oversight, its global presence on the internet can become compromised. This can lead to loss of revenues, consumer trust and online visibility.

Instra's ability to mitigate this risk and to guarantee online presence are just two of the reasons that companies work with us. Instra's experience in managing mission critical online assets (such as domain names, trademarks and online security certificates) minimises the risk of loss and maximises online visibility and website traffic.

Instra's corporate domain name services include:

Domain portfolio management

Selecting the right portfolio of domain names, managing complex registration and renewal processes is critical to optimising online presence. Instra works to ensure that your portfolio has the right mix of domain names to meet your business needs. Instra's long expertise in portfolio management means that we can guarantee not to drop a domain name in transfer or while under management.

Instra supports over 1,100 domain endings which means that it can register and renew almost any available domain extension anywhere in the world. This transforms the complex, high risk, business critical activity into one which is now straightforward, simple and risk free.

DNS management

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a key component of corporate internet infrastructure. The DNS ensures that your website architecture is always available and routes web visitors to the correct web page. All business internet services from websites to email rely on the DNS. Instra makes sure that your DNS is always on and routing correctly.

Dedicated account management

No one understands your business better than you do, but no one understand the complicated, highly regulated world of domain industry like Instra. You will be assigned an Instra domain name expert to work with you in order to ensure your online needs are always met. Whether you prefer to keep track of your portfolio online, through Instra's intuitive domain management portal, or through email, phone or face-to-face, your expert account manager is there to help you.

Domain name strategy creation

The domain name landscape is a complex and dynamic one. Remaining up-to-date with the evolution in the industry is a heavy burden on internal staff and one which Instra undertakes on behalf of its clients. Instra boasts some of the world's foremost experts in the domain name industry, focused on providing the best advice and service. Instra will work with you to create a domain name portfolio strategy, which meets your business requirements online. Your portfolio will be regularly reviewed and optimised in order to reflect your needs as your business changes.

Domain portfolio valuation

Instra's domain aftermarket experts will evaluate your current domain name portfolio and provide you with an up-to-date valuation for financial reporting purposes.

Sales and acquisition of domain names

Should you wish to sell any of your domain names, Instra aftermarket services team will locate the right buyers and negotiate the best price for the domain you wish to acquire. If you wish to source specific domain names from others, Instra can contact the owners of the domain and negotiate on your behalf ensuring that you remain anonymous.

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Security certificates

If you want to sell online, or if you receive information via your website you will need a security certificate on your website. SSL certificates are issued by a Certificate Authority and authenticate that your website and your business is legitimate as well as encrypting communications between you and your website visitor.

Most companies have a portfolio of certificates, which are similar in nature to a domain name in that they need to be renewed periodically, have different eligibility requirements and loss of a certificate has major business critical and revenue impact.

Instra will ensure that you have the right number and types of certificates to meet your diverse business needs. Instra's Security team is always available to provide best practice advice. Our team can help you order, install, installing, renew and revoke.

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Online Brand Protection

Instra delivers a range of brand protection, audit and enforcement services for brand-owners and other corporate entities. Using a mix of expertise, technology and real-world brand protection experience, Instra protects and strengthens your brands the Internet.

Domain name monitoring

Instra uses a combination of dedicated technology and human expertise to monitor new domain name registrations. Instra provides up-to-date information and recommendations on potentially infringing domain name registrations so that brand-owners can take the appropriate course of action to protect the integrity of their brands and trademarks.

Online brand monitoring

Whether you produce products or deliver services, your brand is at risk on the web. Instra monitors the Internet for offers of goods and services for sale which use your brands, looks for infringing use of your marks, finds counterfeit products and identifies traffic and revenue diversion.

Portfolio integrity modelling

Instra looks at the health of your domain name portfolio from four different aspects and associates a status to each one. Within each section, there are three key health-check measures. For each aspect, a series of improvement measures are identified to reposition the domain name portfolio to a more protected and prosperous condition.

Brand Risk Overview

Instra's Brand Risk Overview provides business owners with a view of online risks affecting with their brands. Risks which result in brand damage and lost revenues such as: traffic diversion, counterfeiting, cybersquatting, domain hijacking and data theft are assessed. A Brand Risk Overview focuses on the current domain landscape and brand protection threats on e-commerce platforms and social-media sites, and negative sentiment monitoring and boycott requests.

Brand Enforcement Actions

Instra's enforcement team is made up of brand protection experts and legal specialists that can eliminate the risk from cybersquatters, copycat websites, those falsely claiming association and websites or marketplaces that offer counterfeit products. Enforcement actions include: de-hosting, website suspension, delisting on marketplace sites, domain name acquisition and legal action.

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Additional services

Instra provides a range of additional services that enhance the value of a corporate domain portfolio.

Email hosting

Nowadays, email is the primary means of communication with prospects and customers. Ensuring that your email is always functioning correctly is a mission critical task that Instra can provide through its business class email hosting service.

Premium Domain Names

A highly visible online presence drives increased website traffic, creating more business opportunities and increasing sales. In order to touch more potential customers, using a memorable domain name that reflects internet can improve search engine rankings and drive traffic to your websites. Instra can source and acquire relevant domain names, which will help drive traffic and increase revenues, on your behalf.

DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

DNSSEC is a set of standards created to protect the Domain Name System from certain online threats. A number of domain name registries have implemented the DNSSEC protocol and Instra will identify which of domain names will benefit from using DNSSEC and can manage the entire process on your behalf.

Registry lock

One of the most potent threats to your brand online is a website takeover, where hackers repoint a domain name to a different and often derogatory website. A registry lock prevents changes to a domain name unless a multi-step authentication process has taken place at the registry. A registry lock is available only on certain domain extensions which support this protocol (such as .com). Instra can help you decide which domain names would benefit from a Registry lock and then can implement a solution on your behalf.

Flexible billing

Instra understands that different companies operate different budgetary regimes and payment terms. Instra's flexible billing service caters for all requirements, ensuring that invoicing is in the form most readily acceptable to your needs.

Clear language audit

Instra's clear language audit analyses corporate websites, instantly identifying plain language and potential comprehension issues. It also finds outdated language, and brand inconsistencies. The audit measures content readability, sentence length, use of passive voice, complex words and word usage consistency. At the end of the analysis, the brand-owner is presented with a comprehensive report detailing recommendations for website readability enhancement.

Global phone numbers

Instra can register Phone Numbers from all over the world and redirect them to any telephone number globally. Utilising Instra's technology, you can redirect your incoming calls to any location. Used by companies to expand their business globally, Instra delivers International Phone Numbers from over 3,000 locations around the world. Your Customers will only pay local rates to call you from anywhere in the world.