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Brand gTLDs

Companies worldwide for the first time ever, will be able to protect their brands at the top level of the DNS. This is a limited opportunity that no global brand owner can afford to miss – as once their brand is registered in the top level, it is gone forever.

Internet based business go to great lengths to protect their brands and intellectual property online, by registering their brand across other multiple TLDs, and using specific TLDs to target audiences within specific demographics. The new gTLD changes the entire dynamics of promoting and protecting your brand online, and by registering and using your own gTLD, you can decide how sub-domains can be set up under your own gTLD hierarchy to ensure you market your brand in the most effective way possible.

Using a gTLD allows you to Maximise the potential of your brand by:

  • securing your brand's position at the global top level
  • having the means to provide direct navigation services to your target audience
  • reducing the reliance on large domain name portfolios across multiple TLDs
  • increasing online brand recognition
  • by increasing consumer confidence and trust in your brand