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Generic gTLDs

ICANN presently regulates 20 TLD name spaces, with the .com being recognized as the most common global name space. The Adult Industry .XXX Name space is the newest addition to the global domain names that are administered by ICANN.

The policy and revision changes as shown in the ICANN New TLD guidebook has prepared the way for a more streamlined way of obtaining a global top level domain name.

As with traditional domain names, generic gTLDs domain names will be very popular. A Generic TLD can be specifically targeted to Products, Entities, Communities, Professional Services, and even projects. In fact, because they are generic, you can target practically anything.

Just look at these examples:


  • .car
  • .computer
  • .pizza
  • .insurance
  • .box
  • .radio
  • .fruit
  • .clothes


  • .company
  • .partnership
  • .association
  • .trust


  • .church
  • .volunteers
  • .sport
  • .support

Professional Services

  • .medical
  • .legal
  • .finance
  • .health
  • .logistics

While a generic gTLD is a serious investment, it can open up countless opportunities.