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New gTLD Pricing

There are various factors that contribute to the overall price of applying for a New gTLD. These factors include ICANN Application fees, ICANN maintenance fees, administrative and legal costs, and registry licensing costs.

Instra has prepared their IT infrastructure to ensure full compliance with the new gTLD technical requirements, and for this reason we will be offering you a comprehensive gTLD service – which includes:

  • Preparation of gTLD application
  • Responding to all ICANN requirements relating to the gTLD application process
  • Providing assistance with responding to potential complaints and objections
  • Providing a Managed Registry Solution to comply with ICANN technical requirements

Due to various factors, it is not possible to provide you with a fixed cost price to apply and register a gTLD. We have however provided you with a breakdown of the New gTLD ICANN fees.

Fees (USD) .brand .generic .geographic
Application Fees
Instra gTLD Application Fee $25 - $75,000 (1)(2) $35 - $100,000 (2) $35 - $100,000 (2)
Instra Registry Fee OR FREE $50,000 $50,000
ICANN Statutory Application Fee $185,000 $185,000 $185,000
Annual Registry Fee
Instra Registry Global DNS Solution $15 - $25,000 (3) $35,000 $35,000
ICANN gTLD Annual Maintenance Fee $24,000 $24,000 $24,000
ICANN Second Level Domain names registered (3) $0.25 per SLD $0.25 per SLD $0.25 per SLD
ICANN Dispute Fees (5)
Dispute Filing $5,000
Dispute Panel $2,000
Rapid Dispute Panel (1 member per hour) $32,000
Rapid Dispute Panel (3 member per hour) $77,000
Legal Fees $10,000
(1) Standard completion fees for a simple .brand application. Dependent on complexity, higher base fees will be applicable and our hourly consulting fees will apply for additional work. ICANN fees are still applicable and other terms and conditions may apply. Contact us for a specific quote.
(2) This is an estimation of preparation costs to apply for this type of TLD. Depending on applicant's specific requirements and the registry platform we use. This estimated price is subject to change (i.e. if the TLD is used as a registry, this could significantly increase costs both to apply and ongoing). It is also dependent on the third party registry platform used. After the base fee has been approved, our per hour consulting fees apply for additional work.
(3) Once your successful application is live on the internet. For a .brand, the first 10 names is $15,000pa, the next 1000 names would be $25,000pa and then $3.50 per name thereafter. For .generic or community gTLD, $35,000 for the first 1000 names and then $3.50 per name thereafter. If using a 3rd party registry a pricing structure will be provided on application.
(4) This fee only applies where there are 50,000 or more registered names under the TLD.
(5) ICANN dispute and all other fees may which my apply post filing of the application at their discretion. These will need to be paid in full by the applicant when notified.

Additional fees which could apply dependent on your specific application:

  • $500 USD per consultant per hour (+ expenses), if your application is non-standard, if it goes to dispute resolution or auction, a registry or more technical in its requirements.

Why Use Instra?

Register your new .brand TLD with Instra, and pay NO Instra gTLD application fee! This is a unique opportunity to secure your branding online in the new gTLD infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of our competitors but its just the start.

At Instra we have an enviable global reputation giving you peace of mind in the knowledge that we have your best interests covered and are experts at what we do.

  • Enjoy the security and ease of the Instra gTLD management and aftercare service
  • Expert industry input into completion of the application
  • Provision of full technical services for registry operation
  • Support addressing any objections to the application or a potential auction requirement
  • Assistance with the ICANN contract process once the application is approved
  • Preparation for launch in terms of registration policies and technical requirements
  • Ongoing support with ICANN compliance issues and policy development