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How It Works

Here is an example of how it works:

Let's say that your business is based in Singapore but your Customers are located in the U.K. You can purchase a London phone number (+44) and redirect the call to your Singapore office (+65). Your Customers simply call a local number to reach you in Singapore. Further, you can give your more valued Customers their own dedicated number and redirect the call to your mobile or a private line.

PhNUM is powered by ENUM technology utilizing Instra’s global DNS infrastructure and switching technology.

How does the technology work? E164 Telephone Numbers are mapped onto the Internet which is in turn converted to ENUM domain names using Instra’s e164.ph domain registry. PhNUM is a total convergence technology allowing traditional telecom networks to bridge the gap to Internet based VoIP systems. The complexity of the technology is simplified by an easy to use Control Panel that effortlessly enables you to manage your call redirections.