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.HIPHOP Domain Registration 

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.HIPHOP Domain Information

What started in New York's Bronx has already changed the world, and is now set to change the Internet. The "new rock and roll" has given a voice to many, and now these voices have a dedicated home on the web with the .hiphop top level domain. Whether you are focused on emceeing, turntablism, graffiti art, or breaking, a .hiphop domain is perfect for all Four Pillars of hip hop.

It is time to bring the real hip hop back. Order your .hiphop domain now.

.hiphop Availability Information

Although we make every effort to ensure our availability checker is accurate, there is a possibility that we may show reserved/premium domains as available due to the early stage of roll out for this domain.

If you submit an order for a domain that is later identified as reserved then we will unfortunately be unable to complete the registration and you will be provided a full refund.

If you submit an order for a domain that is later identified as premium then you will have two options available to you:

  1. Pay the additional premium rate to secure your domain
  2. Receive a refund, in which case even fees stated as "non-refundable" will be refunded.

We thank you for your understanding during this exciting transformative stage of the domain industry.

General Information

Requirements: Unrestricted:
Additional information is required for domain registration and domain transfer.
Registration Time: 0 Day(s)
Category: Arts Entertainment
Minimum Registration Term:* 1 Year(s)

* Price can vary if the registry operator has classified your desired domain name as a premium name, which incurs a variable higher price than what's shown above.

Registry Information

gTLD Operator: Uniregistry Corp.

Sunrise Period Dates: 06/05/2014 - 08/19/2014

Sunrise Period Requirements: Must have trademark that matches your desired gTLD lodged inside the Trademark-Clearinghouse (TMCH).

General Availability Date: 09/03/2014

General Availability Requirements: N/A

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gTLD Background Information

On June 13 2012, ICANN have announced 2000+ domain name gTLD applications and .hiphop is one of these New Top Level Domains. Pre-Register your interest for .hiphop with Instra to receive updates on the progress of this new Arts Entertainment related New gTLD along with your opportunity to register your desired .hiphop if it becomes publically available for registration.


Registration Terms and Price
1 yearUSD $134.99

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