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.QUEBEC Domain Registration 

To order your .quebec domain name, enter your domain into the box below, click the "Order" button and then follow the on screen prompts

If you require assistance with .quebec domain registration, please contact our helpdesk via email or telephone.

.QUEBEC Domain Information

We are pleased to announce that .quebec domain names are now officially available to order!

The recent launch of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) has caused a huge shift in the domain industry. No longer bound to country level or very generic domains, website owners can now choose to have an address that speaks specifically about who they are and what they do.

Domains such as .quebec, .club, and .london make it easy for your website visitors to know exactly what you are offering, allowing you to get your message across much quicker.

All .quebec domain registrations include free DNS management tools and redirection services to ensure you can maximize your usage.

Your dream .com domain name is probably long gone. Thankfully .quebec domains have opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Register your own .quebec domain name today!

General Information

Requirements: Unrestricted:
Additional information is required for domain registration and domain transfer.
Registration Time: 0 Day(s)
Category: Geographic
Minimum Registration Term:* 1 Year(s)

* Price can vary if the registry operator has classified your desired domain name as a premium name, which incurs a variable higher price than what's shown above.

Registry Information

gTLD Operator:PointQuebec, with help from Minds+Machines Registry.

Sunrise Period Dates: 09/02/2014 - 11/11/2014

Sunrise Period Requirements: Must have trademark that matches your desired gTLD lodged inside the Trademark-Clearinghouse (TMCH). Also must be an individual or a legal entity with a connection to the Quebec community.

Landrush Period Dates: 09/02/2014 - 11/11/2014

Landrush Requirements: Must be an individual or a legal entity with a connection to the Quebec community.

General Availability Date: 11/18/2014

General Availability Requirements: Must be an individual or a legal entity with a connection to the Quebec community.

.QUEBEC Bulk Domain Registration

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gTLD Background Information

On June 13 2012, ICANN have announced 2000+ domain name gTLD applications and .quebec is one of these New Top Level Domains. Pre-Register your interest for .quebec with Instra to receive updates on the progress of this new Geographic related New gTLD along with your opportunity to register your desired .quebec if it becomes publically available for registration.

.quebec .QUEBEC


Registration Terms and Price
1 yearUSD $49.99

Payment Methods

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